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Food brands that contain genetically modified ingredients
Do you want to know if the food you are eating contains genetically modified ingredients?  I was made aware of a great new website this week that lists products by brand name that contain GMO ingredients, and alternatives that don't. The big food companies do not want us to know that their food is GMO, because they know that many people won't buy their food if the truth gets out, and because legally they are not obligated to tell us on the label, they simply keep it a secret.

As consumers we have a huge amount of power to determine what food is in the market place by what we buy. So, let's stop this giant experiment on our health. The food companies have NOT obtained informed consent from the populace on this issue, and we are being experimented on without our knowledge because until now, we had no way of knowing which foods were GMO and which were not. The only way to be sure of avoiding genetically modified food was to buy organic. And there is enough research out there to be at least a little bit concerned for what may happen to our health by consuming GMO food, and to be very concerned about the impacts on the planet. Who knows if 50 years from now we will look back on the GMO experiment the same way we are now looking back at the spraying of Agent Orange / Agent Purple, and the effects on the Vietnam Vets, Canadians at CFB Gagetown and elsewhere, and others world wide, who did not know they were being exposed to cancer-causing chemicals at the time.

Click here for the GMO food list - note that even some baby foods use genetically modified ingredients! And yes, so do Oreo cookies. Only processed foods are listed here - for fruits and vegetables you can tell by the produce number. If the number is 5 digits long and begins with the number 8, the product is GMO.

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