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NLC Resources

general health websites


think/feel websites

www.learnmindpower.com  Control your mind, control your future.
www.journeysofwisdom.com  Discover how to grow your mind, body and spirit.
www.cnvc.org  Global organization devoted to connect compassionately with themselves and one another through nonviolent communication.
www.bobproctor.com  How to use your mind to change your circumstance.
www.nightingale.com  Plethora of tapes/books by famous motivational speakers.
www.teach12.com  Courses on all sorts of topics including successful life strategies.

breathe websites

www.bestfilters.com  Rates air and water filters.
www.allergybuyersclub.com  Rates air filters for allergen control. Site devoted to reducing allergens.
www.bp.edu/CapnoBreath%20Certification.pdf Certification program in breathing education: learning and teaching respiration

drink websites

www.bestfilters.com  Rates water and air filters.
www.aquamd.com  Test your water to find out what contaminants you need to filter out of your water supply.
www.rawmilk.org  Promoting the benefits of raw dairy.
www.realmilk.com  Find a source of raw dairy near you.

eat websites

www.westonaprice.org  A nonprofit organization devoted to dispelling common food myths.
www.eatwellguide.org  Search for farmers, stores, restaurants, and online shopping for quality meat, dairy, poultry and eggs within 20km of your home.
www.realmilk.com  Find a source of raw dairy near you.
www.organicpastures.com  A source of mail order raw dairy.
www.eatwild.com  Find pasture-fed meat and raw dairy near you.
www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol.htm  The myths about cholesterol. Learn the truth and the research that backs it up.
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy / Food and Health Food and the environment.
www.gotmercury.org  Calculate your exposure to mercury based on the type of fish and the amount you eat each week.
www.healthexcel.com  Information about metabolic typing.
www.bodyecologydiet.com  How to establish and nourish the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the digestive tract.
www.gardenoflife.com  Empowering you to attain and maintain extraordinary health.
www.gmcontaminationregister.org   Research by country, crop and year, known GMO incidents caused by contamination, illegal release, negative agricultural side-effect.
www.greenpeace.org   Say "NO" to genetically modified foods.

exercise websites

www.chekinstitute.com  A world leader in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle education.
www.desk-trainer.com Desk exercises based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais. Valuable exercises if you have pain, fantastic animation - great site.
www.tapingolf.com Improve your golf game by improving your mental game
www.ptonthenet.com  Devoted to helping personal trainers.
www.productivefitness.com  Sells specialty fitness books and charts.
www.fitnesoft.com  Fitness and nutrition software.

detox websites

www.metal-free.com  The ultimate heavy metal detoxification. www.sunlightsauna.com  Far infrared saunas for detox and light therapy.
www.aerobiclife.com  Colon cleanse products and more.

women's health websites

www.explantation.com  Devoted to helping women decide whether to remove their breast implants. Read the stories before getting implants.
www.gardenoffertility.com  Learn your fertility signals, so you can avoid pregnancy or become pregnant naturally.
 www.johnleemd.comYour information source for natural hormone balance and natural HRT.
The Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center  How to reduce menopause symptoms naturally.

dentistry websites

www.halhuggins.com  Provides information and education about dental materials and practices that may be connected to health issues.

environmental websites

www.planetnatural.com  Earth friendly products for home, lawn and garden.
www.dirtdoctor.com  Non-toxic lawn care and organic gardening sources.
www.acresusa.com  A voice for eco-agriculture. www.davidsuzuki.com  Climate change, forests and wild lands, oceans and sustainable fishing, sustainability within a generation.
www.gmcontaminationregister.org   Research by country, crop and year, known GMO incidents caused by contamination, illegal release, negative agricultural side-effect.
www.greenpeace.org   Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth needs a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.