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Use your Power, and the Elixir of Youth

Many thanks to Karen Munro, for taking the reins while I was away.  A healthy environment is an absolute must if we are to remain healthy and disease free, and I'm sure it is obvious to you that our environment is being sorely threatened, from the air we breathe, to the water that supports all life, to the soil that gives life to the plants that provide food and habitat for land animals.  There is a lot we can do to turn the fate of the planet around, and if enough of us act together, we can use our buying power to have a big impact quickly.  Because companies are so bottom-line oriented, choose to only support companies that tread lightly on the earth.  Make the environment part of your buying criteria when making large purchases as well as the small day to day ones.  Don't buy stuff that is overly packaged.  Choose dish-washing and laundry detergents that are phosphate free, and only wash when you have a full load.  With food, refuse to support commercial agribusiness that kill the organisms in the soil and pollute our waterways with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Only buy organic produce, preferably local, (farmer's markets are great!) so the food doesn't travel far using fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases.  Only choose pasture-fed meat and dairy, and free-range poultry and eggs.  Don't support factory farms that are cruel to the animals involved and cause huge pollution problems.  Governments are largely hamstrung by trade laws and industry lobbyists, and don't have the courage to make the tough environmental decisions for fear of the economic and legal repercussions. As individuals, we have more power than governments to create big change, by how we spend our money.  Companies are beholden to their customers, and even the worst offenders will change if their customers demand it, or they will go out of business.  So, use your purchasing power wisely, and spread the word!  Pass on these fun yet educational links: The Meatrix and The Meatrix II, Revolting and StoreWars.

Changing the subject rather drastically, let's talk about the Elixir of Youth.  Yes, such an Elixir does exist, and it is very powerful.  To become younger, you must take this Elixir at least three times a week on a regular basis, and over time you will notice signs that you are regaining your youth.  You will notice your energy increasing, your moods improving, your stress levels decreasing, your muscles becoming stronger again, your body regaining a more youthful appearance, your body-fat decreasing, your balance improving, and your skin becoming more clear and radiant. It won't be long before you are sleeping much better, and you may even find that your aches and pains are disappearing!  If we could look inside your body, we would notice that you are controlling your blood sugar much better, your bones are becoming stronger, your blood pressure is improving, your joints are lubricated and working better, and your digestive system is functioning better.  Some may find that over time, your life is expanding - you are once again capable of doing things that perhaps you were unable to do for a while.  You are indeed reducing your biological age.  The Elixir works well if taken regularly, and doesn't work at all if not taken frequently enough.  Is this Elixir expensive or hard to obtain?  No.  Do you want some?  It is yours for the taking.  The Elixir is exercise.

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