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Sept. 11, 2005; Customized Nutrition

Have you ever wondered why the bookstore shelves are filled with completely different types of eating plans ranging from the high protein and fat Atkins diet to the low fat high carb Pritiken diet, to the Zone, which advocates an eating plan somewhere between the two? Is one type of book completely right and the others completely wrong? No! They are all correct. It depends on the chemistry and metabolism of the person as to which diet will support and sustain that individual. Don't you think that if there were only one way for us to eat for optimal health we would have figured it out by now? As Roger Williams explains in his book Biochemical Individuality we are as different on the inside as we are on the outside, and to think that we would all require exactly the same nutrition seems almost silly.

The Inuit of northern Canada, who traditionally ate a high protein high fat diet and had very little or no access to any vegetation for much of the year due to snow cover, were extremely healthy, did not suffer from constipation as one might assume considering the extreme lack of fibre in their diet, and did not suffer from heart disease or cancer. However in today's modern world, they are consuming much more carbohydrate, and are consequently developing symptoms and disease such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. On the flip side of that, because of the lack of large game, most tribes in South America traditionally did best on an almost vegetarian diet supplementing with the meat of small animals. They become ill when they eat too much meat and/or fat.

So, how do you learn what kinds of foods are best for YOU and in what ratio your cells require those foods? Doing the metabolic typing test is the easiest way to determine how YOUR body metabolizes your food, and therefore the type of diet that will regulate your weight, give you sustained energy, reduce your cravings, and reduce your mood swings. Look for a metabolic typing advisor in your area by clicking here. Or read either The Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey, or The Nutrition Solution; A Guide To Your Metabolic Type by Harold Kristal and James Haig.
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