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September 18, 2005:  Drink your food!

Here is a trick to improve your digestion and help you eat less food, if you tend to overeat. Chew your food until it is liquid in your mouth before swallowing. Digestion starts with the enzymes in the mouth, so the more you mix the food with saliva, and the more you break down the food with your teeth, the less work your stomach and digestive tract has to do. If you have any digestion issues, this can make a big difference.

This will also slow down your meals, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of the food, and may help you eat less, because you will feel satisfied before you have gulped down huge amounts of food. It takes a while for the satiety centre to send out the message that you have eaten enough, so if you eat quickly it is easy to eat too much before you get the signal. Then you suffer by feeling stuffed. So slow down, contemplate your food, and enjoy your meals fully.
Chek, Paul; How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!  Chek Institute, San Diego, CA, 2004.